No Tension 18 – Nepali Comedy Video

Samikshya K.C, Devraj Khatiwada, Gyanendra Koirala, Som Magrati and Sagar Poudel starrer short comic serial- No Tension -18, directed by Gyanendra Koirala, produced by tvNepali impractical presents asinineconversation between Gyanendra Koirala and Som Magrati.

Sagar as Gyanendra’s wife’s brother blames Gyanendra for spreading false rumours in the society that he is suffering from AIDS. In fact he is a blood cancer patient. His stupid logic for doing so is merely to avoid his wife’s sexual relationship with any other males of his society after his death. In fact, Gyanendra tries to speak out what most of the males value females- who, literally, is for entertainment (WIFE) but in a very droll way.

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