No Tension 17 – Nepali Comedy Video

Sisir Budhathoki and Priyanka Dangi starrer short comic serial: No Tension -17, directed by Gyanendra Koirala, produced by tvNepali presents very silly but funny conversation between two lovers.

Sisir and Priyanka are on date in an isolated place to share their love feelings. They discuss about a Korean wooing her, watching movie where a boy even not saw her and so on. But, when Sisir proposes her about their marriage, Priyanka immediately answers in a childish way that her father, who has been searching a foolish guy for her marriage, is none-other than him.

Such meaningless, impractical and stupid conversation itself is the strength of this episode and hence, creates laughter in the spectators. We present more; please keep on watching us on YouTube at tvNepa.