No Tension 16 – Nepali Comedy Video

Gyanendra Koirala directorial No Tension“-16, starred by  Priyanka Dangi, Samikshya K.C, Devraj Khatiwada, Esma Poudel and more produced by tvNepali , has tried to portray a whimsical event that is mostly found in young generation.

In fact, either sex is attracted to opposite sex as a boy who recently visits the restaurant for snacks. There, he encounters a lady with a pair of white glasses on her eyes. He is so much enchanted with the girl that he wants to stay there as long as the girl stays showing his smart and cool behavior to woo her.  He feels that the girl is even noticing him. But, surprisingly the event changes after the girl’s friends’ arrival with the fact that the girl is not a normal but a blind one. The boy’s strain to entice the girl from his elegant and calm behavior proves to be worthless.

Hence, the girl’s unpredictable discloser of her reality and the boy’s sullen mood after acknowledging the girl’s fact really charm the audience. We present more; please keep on watching us on YouTube at