Battho Manchhe 30 – Nepali Comedy Video

Sisir Budhathoki and Saru Sangroula starrer, Harendra Khatri director Herendra khatririal, tvNepali produced short comic movie Battho Manchhe satarises on the burning electricity issue in Nepal. However the country is the second richest country after Brazil in water resources and for hydro-power possibility.

Two love birds- Sisir Budhathoki and Saru Sangroula- are on date. The boy, though arrive late to meet his girlfriend- Saru, promises to give a surprise gift to her. He ushers her up to his bedroom for the surprise gift but on the condition if she sleeps on his bed. The boy’s deed goes beyond audiences’ expectation that  as the girl lies on the bed, the boy in return, covers her body with a bed sheet to make her feel dark, not for any other purpose, but to show the glowing light of a watch in such ramshackle condition of Nepal-electric power cut.  Such unexpected and jokey twist leads lead the audience to convulsive laughter.