No Tension 15 – Nepali Comedy Video

Samikshya K.C, Som Magrati starrer  short comic serial no tension -15, directed by Gyanendra Koirala, produced by tvNepali presents soundless but sensual and meaningful farcical short movie.

Samikshya, a neglectful passenger gets down of a cab, pays cab-fare and moves ahead towards her destination. As she walks ahead, the cab driver follows her through the city, village and lonely jungle as if he is going to rape or murder her. However, he meets her only in the mid of the jungle. The girl falls since she doesn’t have the strength to run ahead than the driver. And the story gets changed in such a way that his purpose of following her was not to rape or murder her but only to hand her bag that she has dropped in the cab.

Hence, such comic scene without dialogue really tickles anyone till to convulsive laughter. We present more, please keep on watching us on YouTube channel at