No Tension 13 – Nepali Comedy Video

Gyanendra Koirala directorial “No Tension“-12, starred by  Aindra Limbu and Samir subedi, produced by tvNepali has tried to depict a humorous and funny story of a music lover- Samir Subedi and a room-singer as Aindra Limbu.

Aindra, a servant of Samir has a melodious voice that soothes the ear of his master. For more than four months, Samir makes his servant soothe his ears through his melodious voice, and in return promises his servant that he will give him different gifts such as car, land, building and so on. Finally, the servant remains reluctant to sing songs for his master only because he never gives anything as he has promised. Then, the master says that he has promised only to make the sum equal by soothing the servant’s ears through his promises as he soothes the master’s ears through his melodious voice.