Battho Manchhe 28 – Nepali Comedy Video

Sisir Budhathoki and Saru Sangraula starrer Battho Manche, Episode- 28, directed by Harendra Khatri, produced by tvNepali  depicts infatuation between a young boy and a girl, who seem to be at their teen.

As dehydrated one, the boy is seen waiting for a girl, who can quench his thirst from her advent there. The boy  feels lucky to satisfy his thirst by observing half naked body, preferably her robust thighs, which are waiting some boy’s eyes and hand massage, and are peeping out of her short clothes. The girl arrives and funny gossip between them starts. Knowing her mother’s affirmative reaction wearing short clothes by her, The boy  shows his interest in a comical way on her mother. Further,  he answers her about his schedule- less sleeping-hour, she compares him with her pet dog, and that comparison leads the boy a chance to curse the ant and heal her ant-bite massaging her thigh. As lovebird, they seek solitude but the boy promise that he won’t  do any negative work against her, the girl reacts in a funny way about needlessness for seeking tranquil place.  Most funny is the scene when the girl is seen looking at the boy’s bleeding hand without any sorrow, only because she doesn’t want to tear her newly bought dress worth of Rs. 5000.