Battho Manchhe 12 – Free WiFi – Nepali Comedy Video

Free wifi is a Nepali comedy video,which is the series of the Battho Manchhe,officially uploaded to the youtube channel,tvNepali.this is a 12th episode of the battho Manchhe,this video maily talks about the nature of the girl,what girl thinks about the boys,which is directed by the Harendra Khatri and editted by the sisir budaathoki.

In this video,one boy is stand up near to her house,she is not intrested in first but time is going on then she fells that he is daily there because of her,He loves me.When time is going on than the she is also falls in love with that boy,but one day when she asked him,why are you here near to my house,is this because of mine,than he said “No i am not,i am here because of your house free wifi”,than she is fant,What’s your opinion about this video,write down in comment section below,to make more good,and best videos for you.