Nepali Movie PURANO DUNGA Team

New Nepali film Purano Dunga is comming Mangsir 10,Main cast of Dayahang Rai and Priyanka Karki is in youth for blood,in this video we are showing that what priyanka karki and gayang rai say about the fil and thier life.Dayang Rai is so poor when he was become hit,he share his experience and also Priyanka Karki also sharing his experience to their experience,Nepali Hit heroin priyanka karki is Fan of Madhuri Dixit when she is small even in this.They are their Newly come film Purano Dunga,promotion which is organized by the youth for this fun video,make you to do somethings in your life,Hope you wiil enjoy this video.Whats you  thinks about this video,write down in comment section below.