Thukka 11 – Nepali Comedy Video


Thukka is a series of this video, is totally a Nepali Comedy VideoNepali Comedy Video,officially uploaded to the youtube channel NplightTV.This video is directed by harendra khatri,editter sisir this video Girlfriend and Boyfriend is talking about their photos,when boy entered in the room,girl told to his BF,don’t close the door,i am too scared.He replied “dont worry der i am here with you”again girl asked to his BF,which creem do you use these days,He replied ‘ i am not,i am too handsome with natural face,she said so try to use creem,so you will be the handsome,more,this type of funny talk in between them.You can leave comment if you have any suggestion to improve in this video. Production team will be happy if you leave comment for them. Watch and enjoy this video.